Saturday, May 31, 2008


just woke up from a very deep sleep.. after almost 30 hours of lab work with ben n prasad..
had a very pleasant dream just now.. of which i wont disclose it coz it's for me and me only..
only thing i can tell u is..
1. it's not a wet dream (lol)
2. involves a person i know and care about
3. it's maybe a window into my life.. like a sign or something (lol)
and that's that.. probably will forget bout it in few hours time..
oh well..
p/s: not an emo post or anything related to my love live (if i even have one lol)

one thing i like bout doing something until my body gives way is the quality of sleep after that..
pure gold!
and waking up very much refreshed with a beautiful outlook on how life would be after that moment..
life is just.. wonderful:)

Friday, May 30, 2008


watched this show just now.. quite inspiring, quite emo, all in all not a bad show..
things to take note... we should be happy that no matter how deep shit you are in, once you learnt the 12 gifts of life, nothing can stop you from actually 'living'
Ultimate gifts:

1. gift of friendship
2. gift of money
3. gift of love
4. gift of working
5. gift of family
6. gift of laughter
7. gift of dreams
8. gift of giving
9. gift of gratitude
10. gift of a day
11. gift of learning
12. gift of problems
and to cap it all off, there's the gift of religion..
putting sense, purpose and guide
into our lifes

Monday, May 26, 2008

we have been 'BACILLI-ed'

was in the lab doing a 30 hours session with ben, and prasad today..
(coz the last one -24 H, was not up to satisfaction by the supervisor, contaminated??!!!!)

1st 3 hours..... done.. ok

2nd 3 hours..... done.. ok

but wait.. what that thing over there?
so cute....

the're happy looking bacilli colonies

so happy that we have to re-do everything over again



(not so cute anymore hahaha)

p/s: luckily i havent rolled up my sleeves yet.. was trying to print out the visa application form.. very stress lei.. all imu computer dowan to accept my printing jobs... thanks to ala i got it done..

quite a stressful day fo me (damn me printers:p)

Saturday, May 24, 2008


gossips are just like spams.. they just take up space and eat u up.. slow ur systems down..
know what i think of spams? none of ur freaking biz! period!!!

got this teribble headache since yesterday.. throbbing pain.. one sided.. localized.. persistent.. panadol did nothin.. differential for now.. migraine? shall look into it soon.. now to catch some shut eyes.. coz i'm groggy and emo.. darn u headache!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

p/s: i'm not a romantic;p

just finished watching p/s: i love you,
and i was blown away!!!
darn u irish! why do u have to be so romantic.. hahaha
one thing i like bout the movie is the lovely script.. heck it's from a good book.. like duh...

supposed to go convo today..
being the rebellious soul that i am, i refuse!!! lol.. i dun even know why i dun wan to go..


was in the library the other day.. lookin' up on meningitis.. extended reading..
tired.. stressed
(coz cant really answer some questions from current sem 5 sitting for eos 5 - makes me think where do i stand now as a medical student)
decided to make origami - a lotus
so off i went into the paper oddysey, trying to recapture the technique i learnt and forgotten in the past..
(an avid 'origami-st' i am, excellent in making a pile of paper mache instead of animals, aeroplanes and the likes;p)
manage to do a few for g.wong.. then back to meningitis before giving up and went home..
next day..
the indian (not being racist or anything, just didn't have the opportunity to ask for her name lol) librarian a.k.a the fierce one, went up to me and said:
the fierce one: hey, i've been looking all over for you
lengzhaimus: err, yes.. what did i do this time?? (preparing for a 100m dash.. scared lei)
note: being lengzhai mus is about being a special entity 'scolded' and 'laughed at' by everyone.. including csu sisters, lecturers, staffs, friends and family.. sad case but that's life lol - nobody takes me seriously:(
back to the story,
the fierce one: oh yes indeed!
lengzhaimus: errr, i'm sorry?(trying very hard to make the innocent cute face ala puss in boots)
the fierce one: no la, i like ur lotus that u left on the table yesteday... very nice.. we (the librarian) was talking bout it..
lengzhaimus: (thinking of sarcasm) err, is that a good thing or a bad thing?
(oh yeah, and sarcasm is a big thing being lengzhaimus)
the fierce one: no no, it's really nice, the other librarian was asking who did it, but i know it's u.. u think us librarian buta-buta do ouor work? no we keep our eyes open one..
lengzhaimus: err ok.. good for u? hehehe
the fierce one: oh yeah, all the young librarian dun even know what's happening in the libray, but nothing escape me... but i think u should use harder paper.. it'll look nicer..
(guilty as hell and being the social retard that i am..) errr do u wan me to make u one?
the fierce one: sure sure thank you.. how thoughtful of u
next thing i know, we were arranging on what colors to use and when can i pass it to her lol
this sort of things, as random as it may be.. just makes
my day.. that feeling that somebody actually took notice of u.. acknowledge your exsistence.. appreciate u as u r..
haah i'm happy now.. my euphoria
personally, i like the aunty..
very much into her work..
we used to chit chat when i was a 'library furniture' studying for exams..
those little chats which drive me when morale was on the dip..
those mini lectures and scolding coz somebody didnt take the books out of the shelves properly (yeah, i'm always the one to be blamed lol),
on how she smiles when she saw my drawings on the tables, be it for studies or just doodles (knowing for sure that i'll forget to rub it off so she has to do it tomorrow morning),
how we chat on how life as it is while she's waiting for her ride home outside imu..
how she always said, "goodnite, i'll see u again tomorrow"...
simply unforgettable..
just like a lotus,
if u try to peel it off, there's always another layer underneath.. it never ends..
no matter how murky the waters are, a lotus always floats.. keeping all the bad things below.
definately one of the sweet memories i'll treasure bout imu..
lotus.. i heart
and now, 'time for lotus-for-library-auntie- making' session

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

let it be a red tide!!!

of all football night... this shall be one i shall remember most..
should be my last champion league final.. at least for the next few years.. and my teams in it..
crossing my fingers into a tight knot that i dun think i can untangle it later lol
let it be a night for manchester united to cap a great season..

can wait.. even as i type these words in, am watching a rerun of the RED night.. champions league final 1999, nou camp, barcelona.. united vs bayern munich

a nite of magic

hope it'll come and visit me again tonight!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

a very eventful day!!!

zam came over vista (from singapore), so we decided to play a game of old school futsal..
i sucked big time last night.. it was pretty uneventful until....

well, yeah i ran into the post.. a freakin' tiang...
i tot i either got concussion or coup contre coupe injury.. but the diagnosis is far worst than that.. i got facial injury.. until my face a bit deform..
i now got burkitt's lymphoma!!! -but still leng zhai (u think?)
bumps on the orbital ridge and cheeks as well as a cut on the chin..
battle's sign!! (refers to fracture of base of skull!! ben say one lolz)

the next mornin's, went to another friend's house to teach endo. not bad eh? i'm a teacher now.. my mom always said that it runs in the family.. the teaching trait.. yeah i like to teach.. the pleasure of helping another to understand is far greater than studying for urself.. great feeling.. grandad, dad, uncles, aunties, i have a long history of's in the gene!! lolz

after that came the grueling time.. went to lab to do some lab work with ben.. 9pm till now 8.12 am.. (but i'm not as stoopid as ben (lolz) i took time off from time to time.. (actually i started at 12am))

paul came over.. went to mamak with ben, paul, amelia n pris.. talk bout lotsa stuffs.. medical n non medical.. (might consider working in kuching..!!)

came back, do lab work, went home, prayed, came back to lab, bored, drew stuffs, blog lo... what a day... but then again.. still got 12 hours of lab work to do.. swt.....

ben cam-whoring while i do all the work (hahaha)
-ben: no gloves also haiya.. so slack lolz-

i'm dying!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: happy 24th anniversary to my parents (mazlan mohamad n azian ahmad)
a symbol of eternal love
thru hardship,
sweat, tears,
your 'perfect-love' prevails
we love u both dearly..
we love u

Saturday, May 17, 2008


23rd birthday?
forgotten bout it till my sis called

just not me to do this kind of thing..

but still, thanks for all the wishes
at least i know i'm old (yes, thank u so much, lol)

funny thing happen again
i kinda got this jinx on this day.. for years now i would find myself extremely sleepy
on the 16th, 17th and 18th of may..
i dunno why but that's how it is..

first year in IMU disappoint INTEC-mate fiona n lydia
bring me out for lunch(or is it dinner)
was sleeping like a baby in mcd
sweat.. ( ithink i had a fever that day.. hope thay understand)
-thanks guys for the birthday meal-

last year kinda disappoint the IMU 'family' by spoiling their surprise
was totally knocked out that day
can feel everyone's "rage" the next day hahaha
-thanks for the cake, card and basketball-

this year spoiled the naboobian (angie n denise) surprise
darn it.. really sorry..
cant do anything it's just how i am
-thanks for the cake, card and "facial for me and my date?" (good one.. kinda make my day)-

yeah that's me alright.. me and my birthdayZZZZZZ
full of disappointment
(i think this have something to do with andropause and growing old)
- u know how they say bout lefties andropause-ing sooner

maturity and blessed year
that's what i hope to achieve this year

thank you god for giving me health, and all the joy in life.. family, friends and a purpose to live.. what more can i asked for

Thursday, May 15, 2008

MUS - (s-s moment..)

was too bored yesterday after lab.. so decided to the the ss thing ever.. google my own name -- MUS

and guess what...
on wikipedia
i'm a freaking card game!!!!

Mus (card game)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mus is a popular Spanish card game originating from the Navarre and Basque regions in Spain. From there it spread all over the country, where it is now the most played card game, spawning countless Mus clubs or peñas and becoming a staple game among college students. It is highly regarded, being considered by many as one of the finest card games. The origin of the name is unknown but is not Basque; according to the Catalan etymologist Corominas it derives from French mouche ("fly").[1]

It is played (normally in two pairs) with the Spanish deck which is a deck of 40 cards (without eights or nines), and it has a variety of different rules in the d

ifferent regions of Spain. The gam

e has four rounds:

· Grande (Biggest): playing for the highest combination of cards.

·Pequeña or Chica (Smallest): playing fo

r the lowest combination of cards.

· Pares (Pairs): playing for the best matching card combination.

·Juego (Game): playing for cards total value

s of 31 or more. Sometimes replaced by a Punto (Point) special round.

It has a distinctive feature in that signals (señas) between players are an accepted part of the game.

Basque emigrants carried the game to other countries. Now

adays there is an international Mus tournament, apart from many national

and regional ones.

check out the cards.. daggers and

gold coins and check out

the trophy for 'mus' tournament.. awesome!!

jari cacat

the passing of a great companion...

jari cacat...
a name given in honour of hafiz.. (with his mallet finger..) to a creature of peace..
a rainbow crab
my lil' crabby

died of unknown pathology on this very day last year

jari cacat in his hay days

i'm the king of the mountain!

will always remember how u nibbled my hand when i held u up
how fiesty u were fighting for food ( frozen worms and bread)
how u always ran amok against 'belai rambut' (the other crab named after jimi the jimbut)
how i have to ask siaw to take care of u when i' away
how u always climb out of the tank, clawing ur way using the air rubber-line
and on how i will search for u hi and low when u did that!

in loving memories

rest in peace lil friend..

i'm sorry..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

on one peaceful mamak session, as i was sipping (actually strawing hehe) my teh 'o' ais, some juniors complain to me on how a bully i was during orientations..
hehehe looking back, i would say i was kinda one but dun blame me
orientation kinda brings out the devil in you..
it was the only way for me to 'bridge' the gap between the juniors and
how else can u slapped a huge chunk of butter on somebody's face w/o the victim felt victimized
we have fun indeed
and most important thing.. we made friends
to all my victims... sorry lol
few pix during M205's reign supreme over the M206s
(bad medicine but it's good for you)
fellow bullier ;p
the S.H.I.T-heads!!!
first victim: Mr. butter man - actually we coin the DIGIman idea hahaha

2nd victim: the intec-ian (who asked u to tell us u guys from intec.. lol)

flagging the flag of friendship - chow chow buns!
say ahhhhhhh......
i am indedd a bully


last nite was helping few juniors out for osce..
felt good to be in touch with the exam scene albeit not mine.. lolz
it went well but pretty here and there..

after that we went out for late supper..

in come the punch line...

"mustaq, kau ni sombong gile ah dulu, takut nak tegur" said the juniors (apparently girls coz no guys would ever be bother by such minute details)

reaction: what the fish..

i tot i was being like a whore, selling myself to peeps around me and making a fool of myself in the process.. i admit that i'm socially retarded but at least i made an effort to 'attach' myself to to social world.. i tried :(

maybe it's how i restrict myself to certain group of peeps or maybe i'm a bit too cold at times but never "sombong" - i hope:p

but all in all, good to know that they noticed me..
at least they said i'm ok now.. more approachable..

p/s: always tot that i'm the useless, socially retarded joker with no dignity what-so-ever.. all thanks to imu..

btw not EMO-ing

Monday, May 12, 2008


apart from 'WHY ARE U STILL HERE', that's the most recent question i ogt lately.. why?
coz i finished phase 1 in IMU and i'm still in IMU... why..

to make things clear, and hoping that there wont be any more question bout it after this, i'm doing attachment for goodness sake.. just and act of trying to get the upper hand when the transfer to calgary is finalised and to make good use of the time i have, and i have loads of it..
but the plan kinda backfired as seniors in UoC start ranting bout how i should have just enjoyed my holiday.. with the risk of rotting my brain to the max!!!!

'dun you ever involved yourself in anything medical now' is what they told me..

darn it... should have listened to them

but, i did enjoy myself during the attachments.. it gave me motivations and drives to pursue greatness in a field that i dun really like in the first place lol

and it gave me the opportunity to spend some more time with my friends before we disperse into the wilderness.. yeah i really appreciate those extra few seconds that i've spent with my remaining batchmates, juniors (m106, m206, m107, m207 and new juniors), and sister in csu! hahaha simply a joy!

also got a chance to be simulated patient (sp), practise osce with juniors, representaing imu in sports events etc etc...

which reminds me...


FOOTIES - passion

tis how u make a wall
protect thy "balls"

m205 team - champion "leaque"

ahaks, i'm bald!!!!

intervarsity game - futsal

huhuhu the golden goalie

tan sri abu bakar cup 07 (i think:P)


since i'm in a footie mood, let me share with you my passion in life...

ok i'm bored.. spare me!!

i went to the imu ball for this...
(sorry for the senget-ness)




"pei take my hand please", said mr compliant

"no, no take me coz i'm cuter", said mr i'm-a-scout:p

"but i'm more leng zhai!" said mr leng zhai

"sorry, she's taken", said mr. sabah-bah

lol, that's our yee pei alrite

sorry ah pei.. i just have to do it

p/s: the saga continues.. wait for it...

Sunday, May 11, 2008


after the game yesterday i realised something i dread since forever... living without epl.. (a.k.a. bcl)
not because the season just ended.. not that at all.. just the fact that canada is not really a footballing nation, hence no coverage for epl there... darn it!!! the idea of me not watching any united game for the coming 3 years is just unbearable..
coz watching football is not just 'watching'.. it's the whole experience
going to mamak
with all my football kaki's
smoke from nearby table
bookies dealing in front of me
3 cups of 'teh o ais'
mamak food
yelling at the tube
jumping like a mad man after a goal
bad mouthing the ref and other team
making fun of kee fong whenever arsenal fail to win
mamak dudes
at times spilling curry on my lecture notes
walking to mamak in the wee hours
emo-ing after united's loss
making people wait for me for mamak trips (sorry chris, kee fong, ys)

darn it.. i hate this feeling

i dowan to grow up!!!!!!!


penalty by ronnie and a supersub strike from the old hand _ giggsy..
that's what it takes for united to be crown again as the barclaycard's premier league, english champion..
rubbish all the talks of former crowd fav steve bruce throwing the game away
rubbish all talks of how roman's millions good enuf (cant even win against bolton)
rubbish all the talk of how united start the season in mid table
taking matters into their own hands united player went out and collect a deserving victory while thousands of united supporters cheering from all over the world!!!
altho my mamak experince tonite was one of the worst - dudes puffing their smoke right into my face, some fat chinese dude decided to block the whole world while performing self-breast examination, sucky nasi goreng usa but to cap things off,

too bad gary neville didnt play much this year..
too bad ole cant play no more
the old guards.. salute

Saturday, May 10, 2008


a quote from the latest movie in town - speed racer!

it was a GREAT show, tackling every aspect of emotion and movie-going experience.. and way cool cinematography! one of the catch of the season

kinda brings back memories of my childhood, on how i would anticipated the show week in week out..

i dowan to grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh ya did i mention the car has a big 'M' on top of the hood? 'M' for (mus lol) Mach 5..

"go speed racer, go speed racer.. go......"

p/s: inspirational point according to speed's bro is kissing... how cute is that!

Friday, May 9, 2008


was chatting with a friend last week on our future plans.. on how our life should and would be.. dreams and hopes... up to a point he said...

"my parent deserve a bigger house"

up to this point i'm on the verge of spilling my lacrimal secretion...
such big words that wakes me up... how does my parent fit into my future plans.. will they be in it in the first place...
looking back... on where i stand and what it takes for me to be here...
stump for words... i concede defeat.. to me who's drifting away from my values...
i hope i'm still who i am..

now and the future

seem so far now..

i don't want to grow up anymore....


i cant sing fotr nuts.... i think i lack a specific gene that is coded for tune and rhythm..
always wondered why they put mus in music... they should have put it as.. errrr bus-ic? coz even a bus sounded better than me.. lol

word of the day ; for a beautiful song, it's not how u sing it, it's how u put ur heart in a song.. so people out there, if u see the cloud is a bit on the heavy side, that's me expressing my thoughts to the world.. coz it is MUSic in actual sense....