Monday, December 29, 2008

animal-istic night rawr!!!!!

i would consider myself as an impulsive person
i live by the moment
grasping life by the seconds

and so......
23rd december
feeling bored (as usual)
and with a considerably warn temperature of -10
decided to go to the zoo!!!
phone in hand
called potential 'mangsa' to teman me

2 remaining bruneians - nisa and haziah
off we go
calgary zoo!!!! weeeeeeeee

things i managed to do:

meet my mom!! (lol)

meet my fav animal.. hippo!!! damn big wei, bigger than a suv
but gentle and big.. and cool and big.. oh did i mention big? lol
did u know that it kills more human than crocs!! how cool is that!!!

got to see BEN.. lotsa bald spots wei

my 2nd fav animal.. giant ant eater
tail like a peacock's

and i dun get it when peeps say flamengoes r very kewt?
they r like damn hideous la
the ugliest bird by far!!!! period!!!

the fake flamengoes nicer...
owh did i mention there's Christmas zoo lights by ENMAX
damn nice wei

red light district!!! lol

kissin' me own ass lol

entering the love tunnel
wahsei... damn cute wei... ini hui lin pun kalah ni lol
by the end of the tunnel there's a gazebo for smooches
got mistletoe in the centre wei
the temptation of just standing under it waiting for leng lui to come was so overwhelming
luckily i'm not hamsap
before leaving the gazebo heard few cries from girls calling for langzhaiMUS...
haishhh what to do!!! hahahaha

and the best part of the visit is
i got to steal presents from santa

more pics?


special post dedicated to 'KAPTEN'
safely married to his soulmate

~ aizuddin n nurul izzah

may they share a blessed and happy life together

on the same note... cant help feeling a bit left out
he has definately moved on to the next level in life
the level at which maturity and sense of responsibility over another person's life
become one of his prized assets
a level i dun see myself will achieve in the near future
(hopefully there's a "yet" in between those sentence lol)

borrowing yee pei's quote:
like this i pressure lor!!!! (lol)

i hate this age!!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


bolt was good
madagascar 2's better
yes man's hilarious
the day earth stood still's very shitake mushroom
high school musical 3 has few nice songs

guess what i've been doing these days
apart from cooking some chickens

supposed to sleep but my back's killing me
bad posture they say
but i have family histories of back pain
discectomized uncle
soon following suit auntie

and it doesnt help shovelling a thick block of ice off the pavement lol!!
my fault actually, so malas leave it there for few nights

something really good tho
i invented my own dish today
'sotong kunyit pedas'

i shall pursue this new talent of mine

next up!!!!
bak kut teh

*knowing that my parent do read my blog from time to time
bak kut teh is chicken with spice!
~ lol

Sunday, December 21, 2008

champion of the world

manchester united
the champion of the world by merit



a moment of stupidity from vidic
a splendid performance by VDS
highly disciplined
a mesmerizing outings from PARK n RONALDO
the ever inspiring ROONEY

gary neville got to play too



Monday, December 8, 2008

lets SHOVE the new year in!!!


ok i'm lazy...
but since i'm now fat
higher risk for osteoarthritis
have to limit wear and tear ok

spare me!!

ok ok i memang lazy one

Sunday, December 7, 2008

a show of patriotism..

i would consider myself as a very patriotic person
i love my country
for better
for worse

but i have yet to figure out the best way to show my appreciation
yes i can serve the government in the near future
but that doesnt really cut it for me

not after i've seen what my fellow malaysian did
a senior
a medical student
a patriot
a true malaysian

i give u.. cham with his cat...

i dun even know how to react to this
to laugh out loud or to call in Cruelty against animal hotline


Saturday, December 6, 2008

over! but Kakapo still rawks!!

last thursday marks the end of our volleyball journey in UoC intramurals
lost only once in the group stage
topped the group with flair and grace

wierd-messed-up play-offs match-up
played up till the semifinals

and then it all crumbles
we lost due to our own mistakes
i made loads
and it adds up to the most dissappointing showing front the "KAKAPO"
sad scoreline but well beaten

but there's always a silver lining somewhere

i got to improve my settings
my first balls still need some improvement
i can spike with my right hand now!! that's a wow from a leftie i would say!!

but the best part of all this is...
i got to meet marvelous characters that kinda adds spice to my calgary life

AJ 'Angry Joker' Howes
Jen 'Nursy' Bruce (sorry jen.. kicked u in the face lol)
'undercover' Safiya
'That's-My-Move' Nathan a.k.a ski-trip-man
Kelly 'awesome' Borak (can't believe he's our GI coordinator/lecturer!!)
'captain courageos' Chris Ewing

i really hope we can play in the winter season again!!
in our new KAKAPO jerseys yeah!!!!