Monday, December 29, 2008

animal-istic night rawr!!!!!

i would consider myself as an impulsive person
i live by the moment
grasping life by the seconds

and so......
23rd december
feeling bored (as usual)
and with a considerably warn temperature of -10
decided to go to the zoo!!!
phone in hand
called potential 'mangsa' to teman me

2 remaining bruneians - nisa and haziah
off we go
calgary zoo!!!! weeeeeeeee

things i managed to do:

meet my mom!! (lol)

meet my fav animal.. hippo!!! damn big wei, bigger than a suv
but gentle and big.. and cool and big.. oh did i mention big? lol
did u know that it kills more human than crocs!! how cool is that!!!

got to see BEN.. lotsa bald spots wei

my 2nd fav animal.. giant ant eater
tail like a peacock's

and i dun get it when peeps say flamengoes r very kewt?
they r like damn hideous la
the ugliest bird by far!!!! period!!!

the fake flamengoes nicer...
owh did i mention there's Christmas zoo lights by ENMAX
damn nice wei

red light district!!! lol

kissin' me own ass lol

entering the love tunnel
wahsei... damn cute wei... ini hui lin pun kalah ni lol
by the end of the tunnel there's a gazebo for smooches
got mistletoe in the centre wei
the temptation of just standing under it waiting for leng lui to come was so overwhelming
luckily i'm not hamsap
before leaving the gazebo heard few cries from girls calling for langzhaiMUS...
haishhh what to do!!! hahahaha

and the best part of the visit is
i got to steal presents from santa

more pics?


special post dedicated to 'KAPTEN'
safely married to his soulmate

~ aizuddin n nurul izzah

may they share a blessed and happy life together

on the same note... cant help feeling a bit left out
he has definately moved on to the next level in life
the level at which maturity and sense of responsibility over another person's life
become one of his prized assets
a level i dun see myself will achieve in the near future
(hopefully there's a "yet" in between those sentence lol)

borrowing yee pei's quote:
like this i pressure lor!!!! (lol)

i hate this age!!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


bolt was good
madagascar 2's better
yes man's hilarious
the day earth stood still's very shitake mushroom
high school musical 3 has few nice songs

guess what i've been doing these days
apart from cooking some chickens

supposed to sleep but my back's killing me
bad posture they say
but i have family histories of back pain
discectomized uncle
soon following suit auntie

and it doesnt help shovelling a thick block of ice off the pavement lol!!
my fault actually, so malas leave it there for few nights

something really good tho
i invented my own dish today
'sotong kunyit pedas'

i shall pursue this new talent of mine

next up!!!!
bak kut teh

*knowing that my parent do read my blog from time to time
bak kut teh is chicken with spice!
~ lol

Sunday, December 21, 2008

champion of the world

manchester united
the champion of the world by merit



a moment of stupidity from vidic
a splendid performance by VDS
highly disciplined
a mesmerizing outings from PARK n RONALDO
the ever inspiring ROONEY

gary neville got to play too



Monday, December 8, 2008

lets SHOVE the new year in!!!


ok i'm lazy...
but since i'm now fat
higher risk for osteoarthritis
have to limit wear and tear ok

spare me!!

ok ok i memang lazy one

Sunday, December 7, 2008

a show of patriotism..

i would consider myself as a very patriotic person
i love my country
for better
for worse

but i have yet to figure out the best way to show my appreciation
yes i can serve the government in the near future
but that doesnt really cut it for me

not after i've seen what my fellow malaysian did
a senior
a medical student
a patriot
a true malaysian

i give u.. cham with his cat...

i dun even know how to react to this
to laugh out loud or to call in Cruelty against animal hotline


Saturday, December 6, 2008

over! but Kakapo still rawks!!

last thursday marks the end of our volleyball journey in UoC intramurals
lost only once in the group stage
topped the group with flair and grace

wierd-messed-up play-offs match-up
played up till the semifinals

and then it all crumbles
we lost due to our own mistakes
i made loads
and it adds up to the most dissappointing showing front the "KAKAPO"
sad scoreline but well beaten

but there's always a silver lining somewhere

i got to improve my settings
my first balls still need some improvement
i can spike with my right hand now!! that's a wow from a leftie i would say!!

but the best part of all this is...
i got to meet marvelous characters that kinda adds spice to my calgary life

AJ 'Angry Joker' Howes
Jen 'Nursy' Bruce (sorry jen.. kicked u in the face lol)
'undercover' Safiya
'That's-My-Move' Nathan a.k.a ski-trip-man
Kelly 'awesome' Borak (can't believe he's our GI coordinator/lecturer!!)
'captain courageos' Chris Ewing

i really hope we can play in the winter season again!!
in our new KAKAPO jerseys yeah!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

last week... i hate the nights!!!!!!!!

a pretty evenful week i would say
woke up to a solemn monday
too cold too dark...

bam!!!! tuesday came by
bright and sunny
most productive day
studied like nobody's biz...
played badminton
wonderful dinner
happy as a overfed cow
warm.. 10 degress that afternoon

and that night..
watched quantum of solace with dissappointment

still a good and warm wednesday
productive yes
16 degress high temp
yay.. played squash after class

and then that night...
snowed!!! trapped at the bus stop!!!!!
it snowed again
bad way to end a day!!

not productive
too cold.. but still pushed on
good anatomy class
feeling happy and the sense of accomplishment
felt like an anatomist for a day
owh how i like that feeling

then that night...
last game of volleyball in the group stages
unbeaten so far
7 straight wins with only one set dropped
how cool is that
wanted to go into playoff unbeaten
lost 2-1
hurt my calcaneus again!!!
pull a muscle.. gastroc maybe
the team was too nervous, too eager
and it freaking snowed again!!!!!!
trapped at the bus stop again
this time in shorts!!!!

nerdy day


saving grace:
watched calgary stampeder won the grey cup
i think i'm in love with football nowadays

i really hate the later part of days
but nowadays it's longer.. 4pm cut-off point
damn calgary~~~~

this week status (the low ends):
tuesday night ~ gastric attack.. 12-4am
this morning ~ lead a small group session sick!!

seems like i kena jinxed this 2 weeks!!!

sigh.. hope our first play-offs game tomorrow is A-ok

Sunday, November 16, 2008

brrrrrrr.... NO MORE!!!!

they say the winter in calgary is unbelievable
come january-february
u expect minus 45 degrees celcius to greet ur new year

premonitions were made:

1. i'm gonna die a cold and lonely death
(heck! u dun even need to put my body in the morgue's freezer)
2. if i didnt die... gonna hibernate for at least 2 months
3. gonna do a futurama... cryostasis/frozen till the next millenium.. yay

if u see a lengzhai statue like this one, please wake me up lolz

but no no no....
not with my new buddies here...
let me introduce u guys to my savior!!!!
meet my pets lolz

ah paw...
will shield my head and my ears from frozo!!

and the twins.. ah racc and ah coon
the warrior against coldie

yes!!! i will survive lolz

Saturday, November 8, 2008

ACCIDENT? me doctor?

scene one:

on the way home from a relative's place
driving while talking to dad
well below speed limit
in the middle lane

a guy made an illegal left turn

blacked out

scene 2:

woke up with massive headache on the hospital bed
~that's because of the lacerated skull
tried to move... pain!!!
~that's because of the multiple fracture she had
clavicle snapped, ribs broken, patellar gone with the wind, talus and calcaneus MIA

excruciating pain!!!
blacked out

scene 3:

woke up still in pain
asked: "where's my dad?"
no answers
confused, dazed

blacked out

scene 4:

bro came in
words of consolation offered
"M, dad didn't make it"

no reaction
blank face

blacked out

these 4 scenes is a chronological representation of what happened to a MVA patient
motor vehicle accidnet
she/the driver is not at fault.. no not her

darn it i almost cried in the lecture teatre

attended a trauma lecture by the trauma department
patient presentation
and the magic of the medical world

the doctor manage to salvage what's left of her ankle by forming a new calcaneus by using a part of the pelvic bone... awesomeness!!!
recovery still going on.. been 2 years

when asked about what's the worst part of her experience she said..

it's not the pain
it's not the thought that i might not be able to walk after this
but not knowing what happened to my dad
nobody wanted to tell me everything
even my brother
they waited until the social worker came!!!
it's just... so painful

which made me think
what's our ROLE as a doctor
just to fix and then run?
why wait for the social worker?
why can we break the bad news?

and then it hit me...
am i STRONG enough to do so?
what if i said the WRONG things?
and why would i even CARE?
should i CARE?

up to this point i feel very useless
sure i can diagose with hours of mugging in the library
sure i can manage the patients with proper training
but can i HEAL them?

treat the patient as a WHOLE

that's what been taught
but isn't that asking to much from a person
emotional stability
mental efficiency
spiritual pillar

am thinking too much again
sweat sweat sweat
just a gentle reminder for me i guess
that to be a good doctor, 'I' need to be HUMAN

anyway.. the main goal of the talk was to educate people that there's no such thing as accident
the word accident itself clouds our jugdement on what really happened
cause and effect they say
check and balance
i did that so i got this

and this applies really well in MVA
and other medical conditions

"patient's education, eveyone
can put us outta our job but will make the world a better place"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

good news and bad news

passed my first exam....
flying colours by my santdards hahaha

next exam in 2 weeks time
not fair weh....
the only system with 2 exams!!!!

it's snowing ed liow

it's still fall liow
gonna freeze for an extra 2 month
plus the fact that there's no spring here
total 8 months of misery

3 weeks holiday for winter break

can't go uk coz cant find ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry ben, siaw, yyw, jackie

my volleyball team very keng

cant sweat enuf to kill my tummy
big wor
dunno what to do with it
now need to tuck my tummy into my pants!!!!!
how wierd is that
(p/s: thanks angelene for wishing all the best for my tummy.. now really the best!!!! waaaaaa)

going on a trip this weekend (maybe)

it's all downhill beyong that point onwards!!!!!! no more good news
time to be a proper medical student

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

welcome to my land!

i was on the way back from the hospital when this dude stopped me...
looks kinda 40ish...
one of those homeless peeps i bet... (coz he said so)
and yeah...
smell of alcohol

so he stopped me and then the interesting conversation started

for the sake of his identity.. let's call him HARDOGAY

hardogay: hey, my man... can u spare me a quarter...
i need to get on the bus u see

lengzhaimus: ok, letme see whether i have change or not
nope.. sorry man.. i'm all out.. (he actually peek into my wallet and i dun really have a quarter)(owh did i tell u guys bout the wallet story? shall post it next time)

hardogay: well, then a dollar is ok i guess
you see i need to get on the bus u see
i need to go HOME u see
(take note of the word home)

lengzhaimus: err... i dun have a dollar but i do have 2 bucks

hardogay: ok, 2 dollars' fine with me.. thanks my man (taking the money outta my hands)
u r a really nice guy.. i like ur kind, where are u from

lengzhaimus: err.. i'm from malaysia.. asia.. (coz here peeps only know bout singapore coz of the developement and thailand coz of the 'tigershow' hehehe but malaysia....)

hardogay: owh.. welcome to my land! you see this is my land!!!
you see, i'm BLACK u see.. and this is my land
(and he's as white as snow white lol)
i'm an aborigin you see
and i'm HOMELESS
welcome to my land... thank you my man

lengzhaimus: where are u from? and where are you going... (just being polite to keep the conversation going i guess haha)

hardogay: owh.. i'm going home my man, this is my land my man
(err homeless going home.. ) yeah man.. gotta go home
this is my land... thanks man u r very kind

then he just left me to this other person at the bus stand asking for change...
the dude refuses saying that he dun have any change with him
so he left... cross the road.. away from the 'BUS STAND'
toward a 'BAR'

and the dude who refused to give in to him just smiled at me


taking the bus 'home'
needs a quarter
noobie mus give 2 bucks
homeless WALKS to bar

i guess the bar IS his HOME

but sure is funny the way he welcome me to his LAND


Sunday, October 12, 2008

hair loss!!!!!

i would like to make a public apology
to benjamin ng wei liang

for causing him distress and mental trauma
everytime i mention the word

coz now i'm having the same thing!!!!
this is karma i say.. karma

but luckily i dun believe in karma

coz it only affect the hairs on my thigh
so i still have every right to 'botak'-ing other peeps

but seriously
i've been having this painful hair loss on my thigh
maybe it's the weather
or maybe i'm 'shedding'
on the verge of becoming even more leng zhai!!!!

see.. even got petechiae wor lol..

right side totally gone
now i know how ben feel like hahaha

ok ok
i know
ss post

Friday, September 26, 2008

simplicity - the name of the game - malysians way!

calgary is not a bad place to live in
the traffic was good
road-manner was excellent
the people here are extremely nice

but there are still things they (canadian) can learn from us malaysian
for example...
try putting more spices into their food
they should learnt to appreciate what little sun they have left
they should have learnt that malaysia is not just the country between singapore and thailand!
(singapore i understand, but thailand??? tiger show?? lol)

but the most important thing
they should learnt how to be SIMPLE
just like malaysian

instead of putting:
"open everyday from 8am to 11pm"

they did this! LOL

p/s: i got tummy ed liow! lol

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

la senza!!!!!

one fine day
in a shopping mall
stood two alpha males
pondering on their next adventure
as boredom creeps in

in a foreign place
far away from home
they decided to travel the un'man'ned path
a place guarded by vanity

"into la senza we shall go"
in a very poised manner

macho dude #1: hey i really like the body lotion in la senza
macho dude #2: hey me too, there's sale somemore.. buy six for 30 bucks!
macho dude #1: i'll jump if u jump!
macho dude #2: u go first!!!

in they went to the world of the unknown
full of cups
full of strings
and a load full of angels (lol)

macho dude #1: let's go out. i'm not comfortable!
macho dude #2: what! we r in ed liow.. buy only la.. check out that one over there.. can use to cook char kuey teow ler the 'kuali'
macho dude #1: hahaha.. not just that can add extra prawn somemore hahaha... let's just get the thing and go
macho dude #2: ok i'll take these u take those, ok
macho dude #1: faster liow... more people coming in.. i paiseh ed
macho dude #2: buat tak tau saja, they wont care one.. i go pay u take.. bye
(and of he went out leaving the other dude amongst gigglings and wierd stares)

moral of the story:
1. trying new wierd things certainly is nerve-wreckingly fun
2. the feeling of being a gay is no fun.. i dunno how gay people live hahaha
3. would never ed CUPcakes ever again (lol)
4. la senza body lotion rocks!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

spawn.. my passion

it 'IS' one of my passion in life
collecting spawn action figures
for years i have been an avid collector

and now
here in calgary
my spawn alter ego re-spawn-ed
coz it's dirt cheap here!!!!!!

low yatt... u can kiss one of ur customer goodbye

~welcome to the family!!!

series 34 - spawn classics ~spawn wing of redemption-2

series 33- age pharoah ~ spawn the immortal

series 34 - spawn classics ~ pirate spawn

and a new inclusion to the collection
dragons series by todd mcfarlene ~ fire clan dragon 5

gonna buy more before the end of this week!!!
i love calgary

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

things u need when it's soo cold in the morning !!

went to Banff national park few weeks ago
then i came across this sign

makes me wonder how am i going to survive here
with my virginity intact


care to join me?

Monday, August 25, 2008

i'm home!!!!!!

i'm definately in my element here in calgary!!!

a cereal for fellow canadian! MUS-lix
(supposed to be muslicks coz i'm lick-able-ly tasty!!)

canadian insect repellent! i'm too good looking that insect have to run away in embarrassment!!

fellow family member... MUS-ang (in downtown)

MUS-ter point (in uni's main campus somemore!!)
this is the place where you have to honour MUS by doing a MUS-pose at least

and of course.. the sole reason why they use MOOSE as a moascot
simply irresistable:p

Sunday, August 24, 2008


summer in calgary is filled with free foods!!!
last weekend went for a pot luck picnic
with a pleasant family... abang sham's
and few seniors from malaysia

we kinda set a trademark for ourselves
since we can't really cook
nor can we provide edible potluck desserts
we have been given a new codename!!
si pembawa air!!!
(the water dispenser a.k.a the water boyzzz!!)

that's all we can do, spare us
no matter how cheap we may sound
but it's enjoyable to be around peeps who just take you in
into their family
into their life

i just love this word!

bbq in da rain~ how romantic is that(not)
went for a mini hike after that.. the view was just.......
will upload in facebook
the remaining spice-boyz

Sunday, August 3, 2008

scary shit!! just like in a horrorr show

imagine this..

u r sitting in a bus
while listening to ur favorite tunes
slowly drifting into la-la-land

then u feel a shocking pain
over and over again
as a knife plunges in and out of ur body
all over ur body
neck, torso, arms, legs
and again and again and again
before u know it
ur head is no longer attached to ur body

scary shit eh... that's what happened tim mclean
in winnipeg
in a greyhound bus

more on the story:

just as i set my foot on canadian soil
am i a jinx to this place
or is this an introduction to life in canada
brutal and unforgiving

i'm scared!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

i saw a drooling wild "moose" on campus!!!

yeah wtf..
i was on my way to the bus stop
then tis moose just 'galloped' rightt in front of me!
with thick white drool coming out of it's mouth
then it rammed into one of the building..
in came a wildlife ranger to sort things out
over the radio, most rangers have to shoot down these wild moose once they become a threat to the community..
luckily i'm a leng zhai urbanized moose


new place
new country
new weather
new school
new community circle
same ol' mus

Friday, July 25, 2008


randomised post:
i had loads of nightmares
but only one freak the hell outta me
still having it from time to time
at least 5 times annually
the same freakin' dream
even yesterday
it goes like this:
can't move
like a 'vegetable'
can see
can feel
then suddenly huge blocks and blocks of boxes came into view
slowly but surely
they're forced down my throat
one by one
can feel my mouth and throat stretched
always got fever after that
even got 'aftertaste' once i woke up
dream-reader anyone??
so if u see me sleeping and sweating like mad..
do wake me up..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

post orientation~S.H.I.T

yeah kinda late by 2 and a half year but this one is a special rendition of what happened to the S.H.I.T (SuperHeroes In Training) gang- orietation group 3.. on how we grad from being superheroes in training to a fully plegde superheroes

the superheroes that we are today
a.k.a shit grads
superpower: flaring (can shoot fire from his nose one)
superhero name: the flare
weakness: if u tarik his rambut!

hui lin
superpower: slows people down
superheroin name: huiturtlin aka gwendo-lin
weakness: if u make her emo or cry!!

superpower: chant people to sleep
superhero name: the sandman aka siawzzzzz
weakness: THE SUN!!!

kher dee
superpower: like gambit in xmen she can throw exploding mahjong tiles
superheroin name: money-jie
weakness: emo paul lols

superpower: can charm people to do anything like togepi n psyduck in pokemon
superhero name: lengzhaimus
weakness: frogs
superpower: like cyclops in xmen she can shoot exopthalmic beam from her eyes
superheroin name: the eye
weakness: siaw.. once siaw put her to sleep no beam ed lols
superpower: bearhug rawr!!!!!
superhero name: big sal
weakness: low door frame

superpower: like morph in xmen, she can make up herself into someone else lols
superheroin name: errrr debbie???
weakness: errrr... make up remover lols

superpower: can cook up a feast
superheroin name: spatula-women
weakness: errr... when there's no gas??

zher ling
superpower: can wield his sword like a pro;p
superhero name: kenshin
weakness: errrr.. variety nite lols

superpower: like beast in xmen, he's the think tank
superhero name: chess master aka hamsap lou
weakness: errrr.. hamsap-ness

hazwan's fren (kinda forgot her name~always with hazwan)
superpower: animal tamer - can tame hazwan ~ hazwan as cute as a teddy bear what lol
superheroin name: hazwan's fren lols
weakness: imu ~that's why she left for monash lols

and there u have it.. the real superheroes
just dun tell anyone..
secret identities ma

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

big foot sighted!!!

it's no longer a myth

big foot is the real deal


the bigfooty-seong is coming to get you!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

last act_imu

finally my imu day's are over (tho it's been over for the past few months)
and how did i end it?
with bitter dissappointment

represented imu for 2 events
futsal - saturday
athletics (4x100m) - sunday
futsal: knocked out in the 1st round
(but imu got 3rd overall)
altho i tried my best
but my best is just not good enough

but the experience sure is fun
and new friends
few realizations:
(warning~ss moment)

1. i'm still quite fast (lol) albeit the protruding belly
2. i cannot run curves~balancing problem
3. i'm a damn good goalkeeper but will let in stooopid goals
4. better off as outfield player
5. i'm good at making new acquiantance but lousy at maintaining them
6. people actually laugh at my jokes lol
7. I M LENGZHAI hahahaha

futsal team minus anthony

the running dudes

team pep talk
passing the baton

team imu

runnimg dudettes

Friday, July 18, 2008

living in a sick world

i observed a suicide case yesterday
right in front of my eyes
it was really gory
in public some more
and people just walk past without even noticing
while the suicid-ee commit suicide
hanged by a thin film of rope
sway from side to side as the wind blew
lifeless and pretty much dead
must be due to oil price hike
economic stress
rest in peace mr john doe..
may u find solace in the afterlife..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i need sleep!!!

another random post..

Q~how do you make your patients all right
A~amputate his 'left' arm and leg

Q~what gender is a computer mouse?
A~female, coz it comes with/uses a 'pad'

Q~how do you know when someone's bored?
A~when he starts making up lame riddles


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

taste buds!!!

was at a fren's fren place for dinner last night.. by the poolside..
we had pizzas, chips, nuts and a lot of drinks..
i had kickapoo.. 7up, sprite, coke and few sparkling juices
while the rest had pretty much the same thing
few bottles of liquor (i still dun understand why peeps like to get drunk.. )
so, was having fun talking by the poolside,
playing cards until a sparkling juice came into play..

mr. drunk: can i have the purple looking sparkling juice please? (there's blue, green and purple)

sure sure... nah

mr. drunk:
thanks.. this looks funky.. wonder how it'll taste like....


so... how was it?

mr. drunk:
well, it's good.. it's good... it tasted like.. urmmm... like... urm... violet

what? how do you describe a color? are u sure u r not drunk??

mr. drunk:
it just taste like that.. violet.. can't really tell....

ok ok give it here... (~sip~) errr... it tasted like .... like... violet! wtf! i think i know this taste.. just cant put a finger to it... damn...

mr. drunk:
well, at least it taste better than black!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

mr. MUScle

i dedicate this post to those who went to all sort of trouble to overcome a common enemy

an enemy so FULL of itself

an enemy who HIDES in the shadow of our subconscious mind

and reveals itself in the CENTRE of PUBLIC DOMAINs

THRILL us when we are on the move
PROTRUDING itself when we are defeated

and enemy worth thousand war!

the middle earth

mr tummy!!!

now, u dun have to go gym to trim down

no need to over exert

no sweat

do it the MUS way...

and you can have lovely abs like me

Wednesday, July 2, 2008



(with leo' dicaprio palyin dual role)

one of my all-time-favourite movie
cool fighting scene
cool costumes
reigniting my boyhood dream of becoming one of the MUSketeers
a very good show indeed

with that, i present you:
a heroic feat by a man of steel
to re-enact the bravery of the MUSketeers

venue: library
saboteur: denise n angelene
costume: mus' birthday present


~on a calm sunny day

~a handsome prince was masked coz' he's too leng zhai

~ah pei, jem n co was havin' a blast back there lolz
~dehumanized and lengzhainess concealed, the saboteur laughed with malice in their minds

~ perpetrator no.1: "muahahaha read the patho book and say denise's cute for eternity!!!", while locking it in the poor lengzhai's face.....

~ perpetrator no.2: "muahaha, dun try to escape, if u did we have another 3 packets of facial torture for u muahahahaha... make a peace sign for the camera.. come on.. be a sport!!"

humiliated and tortured, MUSketeer lengzhai gives in n entertain their worried-for-eos-souls.. the end..