Sunday, June 29, 2008

euro 2006

not a good euro for me
missed lotsa games
missed lotsa good goals
my team sucked big time (old italy too old for a young tourney)
but this euro kinda reignite the kind of footie that i like
brought forward by two dark horses:
turkey ~ never-say-die attitude
russia ~ attractive free flowing football
and the end-to-end running from both teams
no big names, no fancy club teams
just simple football - el`naturale
i heart turkey and russia
from now on u can call me
apart from that.. i trully heart two left backs!
italy's grosso
germany's lahm
hi work rate + awesome techniques
(i think i have a thing with fullbacks.. 1st g.neville, then zambrotta now them lolz)
and pirlo.. u r just outta this world!!
crossing my fingers for the next world cup
italy, buck up and show em' what u can do!!!
i still believe~

Saturday, June 28, 2008


~minus li ying and wei wei

being lengzhaimus... here is another belated post

it's btn 2008 - pusat latihan panorama, langkawi

it's simply a whole week of holiday
nil on studies
nil on labwork
nil on impending calgary date
no worries

the whole experience was fun
meeting interesting peeps
connecting to peeps 5 years younger than yours trully
the lectures were a bore
(we actually compile question for our juniors during the lecture)
the ldk's was fun and heated at times
my ldk group was very dynamic;p
we performed one of the best 'vocal performance' in a 'pentomine' act (lol)
kembara was 'a walk in the park' (literally!!!)
the physical tests was a breeze
food was fairly ok

lotsa porn-starring (according to ben)

and now the actuall facts! hahaha

since the first day.. we (imu students) were marked out of the crowd for few obvious reasons:
1. we are very much OLDER
2. tis' the 2nd outing for us
3. we are and 'established' med students (the rest doing their a-levels etc etc)
4. we are way 'COOLER'.. period!!!

and the not so obvious reasons:

1. 4 'majestically' flew in (no punt intended)
2. bela and budin was the 'jambu' of the trainers
(bela wa elected timbalan penghulu and hafiz the 1st chairperson)
3. we were 'fashionably' late for most of the time
4. our karaoke sessions

yes, one truly entertaining bits of this camp is our morn, mid noon and late-nite american idol's moments singing our hearts out to 'rock kapak' tunes..

tho it's off-tuned
bad choice of songs
(we even sang comercials songs - NINI, NANO NANO, etc, etc)
no snychronization
record braking feat (literally;p)
it was fun all the way coz we got 'connected'
apart from that we got to flirt with the caterer
so that we can sneak off at nite for late late supper
6(++) meals per day really taking it's toll on my poor tummy
we also sneaked off to watch a euro game at 3 with the guard lol
'sneaky' bunch we are lolz

ldk was cool
not a bad bunch to be in
we talk nonsense in almost every sessions
(ok ok only i talked nonsense)
got to sing menara bangsa
i still can laugh at how noob we were during the performance
will miss the bunch...

really a week worth putting in my treasure chest!!

owh yeah... on the way to langkawi, we made several detours in kuala perlis
we made friends with the locals there
(being a small town, they we really a good host, caring neighbours i would say..)
they helped us alot and made life easier for us
really nice
then we rent a car..
then ben drove us to bukit ayer
waterfall!!! i like!!!
mini road trip!!! i like!!!
local delicacies for lunch


on the way back from langkawi
we shopped
then a panoramic sunset dinner by the sea

p/s: for more pix of btn please visitmy facebook account

Sunday, June 22, 2008


busy busy busy... future updates-roll:
~ btn camp
~ euro 2008
~ den's bday
~ u know when u r happy when....
~ and lotsa pix post!!!

but now.. will be praying hard for a ferrari win in canada and a convincing display by the old guard.. ITALY.. against the more fancied spain in euro 2008 later on... pleases please..

current status;
~ cured of salmonella
~ gained at least 3 kgs from btn and post salmonellosis
~ in need of a good hair cut..
~ in love with "teeth-y" lol..
~ more convinced than ever that i'm a social retard!!! period!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

i heart salmonella

life is surrounded by math and numbers..
let me share with you the very equation that cost me 2 weeks of my life..

(1 trip back to your hometown+2 helpings of your fav traditional local dish, 'nasi tumpang' for supper)
2 hours of sleep
1 breakfast
1 hurried 'nasi paku' for lunch
2 episodes of projectile vomiting
5 days of enteric fever in a period of 8 days
1 and a half week in bed
1 missed medical check up appointment

at least i got to read lots of good books (3) in bed without no regret


was chillin' out at ajimal watching footie with footie friends when 'the family' arrived
(at least what's left of it),
after a few hi's, it's YS's turn.. initial hi then he said,

"come mustaq, give me a hug"

the old mus would just run up to these people and hug them senseless..
the old mus would be he's irritating self and intrude these peeps' 'personal space', anywhere, anytime, no shame..
the old mus would just fondle and grope this peeps until they squirm with disgust
the old mus....

no matter how gay it may look or sound.. it's a simple hug which bond two separate entities into one under the wings of friendship..
where did the old mus went to?
this is just 5 months
what'll happen in 3 years time?
this all seems like the past.. moved alot, cant even name most of my childhood friends
i dont want to grow up no more...

some emo shit eh?
on a lighter note... the new mus is more leng zhai and mature:p

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

fear factor

i'm a thrill seeker.. went reverse bungee with leng lui no.1 and 'kee fong' jr. few months back.. i would say i want to face fear full in the face... but, throwing down the towel and exposing my weakness, i here bear witness to my own downfall.. i can never get myself to outwit my fear of two things in life.. practical and real for they are.. i can't get my way around these two jinx!!

1. a shogun... a masked man.. of oriental origin.. dunno why and since when, they scare the daylight outta me.. couldn't even watch teenage mutant ninja turtle in comfort with the fact that shroeder is a shogun.. or tom cruise's last samurai.. no matter how god the show is, the scene when the shogun rode his horse thru the jungle still haunts me..

2. frogs... two plain facts... creepy and slimy... and they can jump too!!! just the thought of them send shiver down my spine... frogs are just... frogs.. the only reason i 'magically' got stomach ache in bio classes..

good thing that shoguns no longer roams the world.. and frogs dun frog around during the day or in the city..

Monday, June 9, 2008

klang gate - belated

went hiking,

venue= klang gate,

easy climb, ok-ok view, met new friends,

heck they named the group after me.. 'HAMSAP' lol

not a bad experience for a non-jungle-friendly-person like me..

(it's not that i dun do this stuff.. i grew up with it.. my dad jungle-ized me, so kinda grew out of it)


~i just love the effect

~group 1

~group 2-hamsap!!

~to the skies and beyond!!


i'll miss the sun and the people i share it with:p

Sunday, June 8, 2008


dun tell anyone
but when i'm in imu lab..
just like siaw's craving while he's working
i also got 'POST-GRAD PANTRY'S MILO' craving
especially if staying overnight in the lab doing lab-work..
my cup of MILO aka MYLO:
prasad's mug
(could be the secret recipe.. racist punya reasons lol hahaha)
7 spoonful of milo
2 spoons of creamer
1 1/2 spoons of sugar
boiling hot water
and u get...
a cup of diabetes-sugar-rush-inducing-milo
yum yum
p/s: i'm going to die soon.. very very very soon.. lol

Saturday, June 7, 2008

wish me happy birthday

heard this song during the imu idol competition..
sang by chen yi (?dun really know how to spell??)
altho he didnt win but to me he stole the show for me..
heck.. i like his singing better than the original singer..
very emo song altho i didnt understand but yeah emo..
thanks to siaw now i can emo with my phone lol
ok people.. wish me happy birthday!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


in the lab..
doing another oh-just-kill-me-now-prema-lab work..
(at least accordin to ben she's killing him lol)
just the two of us again.. me n ben.. romantic!!!
neways.. lab work reminds me of a joke i made during lecture..
(when lecture too boring, that's what i do apart from sleeping;p)..
'breath'alizer - used to measure your breath for alcohol
what about 'anal'izer?? lol
yeah i know it's lame!!
but i do miss the times we (batchmates n myself)
laughed our hearts out during lectures
after lectures
and everytime we decide to laugh!!
darn it..
u dun know what u miss until they're gone