Saturday, June 26, 2010

a tribute

one of the Super Heroes In Training member has graduated from Heroes school and finally earned his superheroes badge just recently.

i give you, Dr. siaw chye hing a.k.a princess Aurora. the last sighting of siaw as a fellow goofball.. and with Dr. LEE

gimme a few weeks before i can come up with a hero persona for dr. Siaw.
i promise, it's going to be one of my greatest masterpiece..

either that or the lame-est effort to further emphasized the need for me to buck up and follow the trend..

we will follow suit.. fingers-crossed
congratulation siaw.. may u be the best-est doctor out there.
and yes.. to Dr. Lee too.. time for u too cheer lead us to graduation or kick our asses there;p

Friday, June 4, 2010

how to train ur cacat-ness

night fury!!!! roarrrrr....

my favourite movie of the year.. a story i can relate to.. on how cacat-ness will never deter someone from soaring through the skies...

and night fury a.k.a toothless is just awesomely cool..

and i am cool!!!! lol

currently doing my rural posting in a town called bassano (very the ulu man)
and i am quite the celebrity there...
in a small town where u know almost all ur neighbours,
yours truly was known as :

1. the one-legged doctor
2. Mr. hop-along
3. Dr. Moose who doesnt look like a Moose

fun all around;p i'll update on my bassano rendezvous if time permits
for now.. i'm painting the town NIGHT FURY!!!!