Sunday, April 26, 2009

calgary expo'09

after a pretty sedentary week
plus a boring saturday
i decided to go an catch the latest happening in calgary
Calgary comic and entertainment expo'09
entering it's 4th year, it is supposed to be the biggest event of it's kind in the western canada?

hurm.. to me it's a so-so thing since i'm not really a huge fan
i'm more of a toys and manga person
but it's pretty fun to see peeps dressed up accordingly

what is ur profession?!!!! rawr

wanted to catch a photo ops with ANDO (james kyson lee) from heroes, and SAMWISE GAMGEE LOTR (sean austin)
but the line was horrible..
mission impossible:(

talking about mission, my sole mission of the day was to get a hold on SPAWN!!
i'm a huge collector of todd mcfarlene's spawn action figures
but another mission impossible as there's only a few (of which i've already owned)

so i just grabbed the next best thing.. the comics!! 17 issues of them lol
$1 each!!! hahahah

also managed to got totoro and domo-kun

a snow cap of some sort (lol)

manga version of WIZARD of OZ by l.frank baum, adapted by david chauvel & enrique fernandez
dragonlance's dragons of summer flame

and a signed graphic by the artiste of kim possible!! (lol)

apart from that... it's well worth metabolizing my fatty tissues

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


came across this wierd looking mammal a few months back
an okapi by name
and misplaced in all sort of way

what intrigued me bout this near extint mammal is the fact that
it has a zebra's behind
body looks like a horse
face like a hyena
and it is related to the giraffe?
lol in every single way

a very confused animal i would say
- i bet mr jeremy nuniz know how it feels like lol

and the 'neat-est' thing bout okapi's:
it can lick it's eyes and ears with a foot-long blue-black tongue
the only mammal to be able to do so
~imagine cleaning ur ears with a foot-long rotten subway sandwich

i kinda feel 'related' to this creature.. a mascot of my current life i would say:p
one of a kind, unique, not very socialble(thanks yih seong for pointing my socially-challanged nature) and for the most part, confused
yes, that's how i see myself now


i dun have the slightest idea what in the name of god am i doing now
for years now i've been riding on the coat-tail of whatever comes across me
damn, i never actually put my heart on things i'm 'supposed' to do
i never actually like the things that i'm 'supposed' to like
and i'm 'supposed' to be that person that i'm 'supposed' to be


i was con-ned up to a point i'm totally fused to and cant get out of it

haishhhhh.. that's for being simple minded and the anything-lah attitude
but what the heck... just like what miss tan su yin 'warn' me in her post
'there's no u-turn' - not anymore
ride on soldier!!! keep on marching!!!!
take charge!!!

p/s: good thing is, i'm still a confused lengzhai lol

Sunday, April 5, 2009

federico macheda

a new hero is born
the best hustling game so far by man united!!
cron beauty to kick start the motion
2 sloppy defendings
(why can they just challange the ball ibstead of backing away all the time!!!!)
another beauty from cron
now painstalkingly fitting his bill as the best player 2008-2009
and then the moment that made united UNITED
drama to the very end

i knew macheda got something in him when i first set my eyes on him
little touches
big kick


manchester united back on song