Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rx for cold?

what are the best remedy for a common cold?

panadol - X
chicken soup - X
exam -XXXXX
sleep - X
lotsa sleep - Y !!!
ice cream - YY!!!

u name it, i've tried it all
3 weeks bouts of coughing that can lead u to episodes of syncope
3 weeks worth of fluid secretion that can solve southern India drought crisis
3 weeks of sleepless nights (now that sounds like on-call!!!)
and 2 weeks of being the 'HOTTEST' dude in the world (literally!!!)

then, i found the best treatment.. just a week ago
SNOWBOARDING for the umptenth time!!! yay
instance cure!!

pre- treatment: lethargic, somnolence, pallor

pre treatment: hemiplagia (hence needed to be carried up the lift;p)

and what do u do when u r cured? CAMWHORE!!!!

guitar heroes training!!!!

SPORTS ILUSTRATED pose - malaysian contigent for the vancover winter olympic'10

body building category

gymnastic un-artistic category

btw, talking about gymnastic and snow
did i mentioned that i hate the snow so much that if it snowed again next week i'm going to admit myself into the pscyhe ward (lol)
anyway, it gave me a good reflection on how nice it is to feel warm and the greens of summer
(which explain the next few camwhore moments)

days where we can hike up the hill in sandal and single layer attire

but, spring is coming soon!!!!
so winter can start to wither in agony as the flowers bloom in harmony

p/s: who said i'm fat??!!! see, i can still perfectly hide my body behind jeremy!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

the jersey is in!!!

i am now a legit kakapo
i got a jersey yo prove it!!! lol

presenting our batch jersey

right shoulder

left shoulder

yes, i'm indeed 'THAT' cool

so, now all i need to do is PLAY HOCKEY!!! lol
i'm forsee-ing a few broken bones!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

DIM SUM!!! i like!!!

what do u do when u have midterm exam in 3 days?

eat eat eat....

what more can be more relaxing than a stomach full of octopus, shrimp and shark's fin soup
not to mention the yummy-licious egg tarts
and it's a good idea to prepare the exam in a 'chillin' mood

went out with janet and vi-en yesterday
dim sum in the north west
in janet's ah lien car... still cant believe she's driving that car (forgot the model)
anyway, the dim sum was superb!!!

the best egg tarts ever!!!! - preprandial pic

squids was amazing... how i wish there's one with the curry gravy

post prandial~ very full wei.. being the only guy a.k.a lengzhai
i have to be the vacuum cleaner
eat eat eat

wahsei - can pangsai on the spot one!!!

and what happened after that?
didnt even study the whole day!!!
all the blood vessels shunted to the GI tract
definately not my fault
it's how nature trying to take care of me ~ lol
end result: GG-fied for the exam!!!!

anyway, this is not the point of this post

i managed to build kinda a bit rapport with the waitresses there as well as the manager
at least next time can buat muka tak malu ask for discount!!

managed to 'refurnish' my canto

and now, the sole reason of this post!!!
dedicated to SLEEPY SHIT & CUTE SHIT
(coz u guys are sooooo noob)

the dim sum girl (i'm 'still-ing' ur thunder!!!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

green pee!!!!!

last wednesday i had HARVEY session
kinda like a simulation
heart failure case
felt like a pro
coz we got to make all the call
just like all the emergency doctors

it's quite cool
they gave us a case
then they control the 'patient'
in other words, they can sabo us anytime!!

anyway, that's not the story today
it's what happened after that..

rite after the euphoria of the HARVEY session
nature calls
rushed to the 'restroom'
into an empty cubicle
was happily dehydrating myself while reading some writings on the wall
just as i was about to flush it down
i look into a pool of green liquid in the toilet bowl
*shit (internal monologue)
it's freaking green
i got infection meh? pus in in the urine?
kidney failure with veg-cast!!!
or maybe i ate a radioactive lunch!!!
or am i going to be the next cast for HEROES
the one that can shoot out green radiactived pee to kill villains!!

so anyway, panic attack wei
all the thought of not living past my glorious 20's
the thought of depriving the world of another lengzhai!!!

then when i got out of the cubicle
with a heavy heart...
then as i pass the other cubicle
moments of noob-ness struck me hard on the head

the cleaning material is freaking BLUE!!!!!

freaking noob-ness!!!!!

but in the end.. i did went down hard with a common cold
2 full days in bed

maybe it is the green pee
or maybe it's the babi that i sutured the next day

Sunday, February 1, 2009

a long overdue post...

since my first attempt to make a snowman failed miserably
since it's too dry and the snow a bit too brittle
and the fact that i'm a noob malaysian
i decided why should i follow the ang-mo's way..

let lengzhaiMUS lead u into the world of ss!!!

101: HOW TO MAKE A SNOWMAN (the malaysian way)!!!
codenamed: pei the maid

1. u pile up heaps abd heaps of snow.. then u shaped it into a skirt-like shape
2. pour water on the pile and let it hardened for the night
3. next day, stick 2 long branch into the 'skirt' to be the base of the trunk
4. with the help of snow-soaked-in-water, pile another heap of snow onto the stick, as usual, leave it for the night air to freeze it up

5. stick another set of branches to make the base for the head, then let it freeze

6. while waiting for it to freeze, u can start making the head.. a ball of snow rolled up from the previously tak jadi snowman!!! take note, a basin of water is very helpful in shaping the head as well as ensuring a nice frozen set of fingers.. (parental guidance is required as children might mistaken their fingers with ice cream!!)
~mental note... making a snowman WHILE it's snowing is good: if u ran out of water and lazy to go in, just use ur runny snort hahaha

7. once it's all done.. just put the head on top,, reshape the mannequin to ur liking.. i used the patty turner to shape it (lol).. use water soaked snow to improved the strenght of the joints..
8. get a few more branches for the hands and the rest is up to u...

and the result:

pei the maid!!

owh, the boobs are customized for pei's purposes (pei, the size ok or not? lol)
a maid in need of a good shampoo!!

p/s: auntie angie: if got time only i'll 'pimp' you!!! u not important ma... hahaha