Wednesday, October 29, 2008

welcome to my land!

i was on the way back from the hospital when this dude stopped me...
looks kinda 40ish...
one of those homeless peeps i bet... (coz he said so)
and yeah...
smell of alcohol

so he stopped me and then the interesting conversation started

for the sake of his identity.. let's call him HARDOGAY

hardogay: hey, my man... can u spare me a quarter...
i need to get on the bus u see

lengzhaimus: ok, letme see whether i have change or not
nope.. sorry man.. i'm all out.. (he actually peek into my wallet and i dun really have a quarter)(owh did i tell u guys bout the wallet story? shall post it next time)

hardogay: well, then a dollar is ok i guess
you see i need to get on the bus u see
i need to go HOME u see
(take note of the word home)

lengzhaimus: err... i dun have a dollar but i do have 2 bucks

hardogay: ok, 2 dollars' fine with me.. thanks my man (taking the money outta my hands)
u r a really nice guy.. i like ur kind, where are u from

lengzhaimus: err.. i'm from malaysia.. asia.. (coz here peeps only know bout singapore coz of the developement and thailand coz of the 'tigershow' hehehe but malaysia....)

hardogay: owh.. welcome to my land! you see this is my land!!!
you see, i'm BLACK u see.. and this is my land
(and he's as white as snow white lol)
i'm an aborigin you see
and i'm HOMELESS
welcome to my land... thank you my man

lengzhaimus: where are u from? and where are you going... (just being polite to keep the conversation going i guess haha)

hardogay: owh.. i'm going home my man, this is my land my man
(err homeless going home.. ) yeah man.. gotta go home
this is my land... thanks man u r very kind

then he just left me to this other person at the bus stand asking for change...
the dude refuses saying that he dun have any change with him
so he left... cross the road.. away from the 'BUS STAND'
toward a 'BAR'

and the dude who refused to give in to him just smiled at me


taking the bus 'home'
needs a quarter
noobie mus give 2 bucks
homeless WALKS to bar

i guess the bar IS his HOME

but sure is funny the way he welcome me to his LAND


Sunday, October 12, 2008

hair loss!!!!!

i would like to make a public apology
to benjamin ng wei liang

for causing him distress and mental trauma
everytime i mention the word

coz now i'm having the same thing!!!!
this is karma i say.. karma

but luckily i dun believe in karma

coz it only affect the hairs on my thigh
so i still have every right to 'botak'-ing other peeps

but seriously
i've been having this painful hair loss on my thigh
maybe it's the weather
or maybe i'm 'shedding'
on the verge of becoming even more leng zhai!!!!

see.. even got petechiae wor lol..

right side totally gone
now i know how ben feel like hahaha

ok ok
i know
ss post