Sunday, January 18, 2009


9th january 2009
the inauguration of lengzhaiMUS
as a full pledge canadian rojak

the naming ceremony!!!
is where the whole batch turn up
and name everyone in the batch with their own name
kinda like our calgary name
a proper way to welcome us into the medical education system in calgary

started at 5pm
ended at 2am
left at 11pm coz to escape the 'mabuk-ing' party
(calgarian sure likes to party and get really drunk!!!)

so this is how it works...
when his/her turns up
they have to stand infront of the hall
people will start suggesting names
related or not to the person in question
with/without a story behind each names

some from what they turn into when they're wayyyy drunk (always on top!!!)
some from their unique names (dominatrix!!)
some from their personality (beastmaster)
some from what they said (double team)
some from their looks (jose calderon)
some from their background (i got pass the border)
some from their experience ($50 rubber)
and some... just because!!!

then the whole class will bid for the names starting from $5
and the winning names will be the name they have to live with for the next 3 years
or maybe longer!!!
on our jerseys...

the money raised will go into the graduation fund
and we raised almost up to $5400 that night alone

are among my potential names that night

coming close in second place is SPEAK EASY (a name of a strip club joint!!!)
(story in other post!!!)

and the name that will stuck on the back of my jersey is

with a bid of $25
the reason u asked?

just because i'm COOL!!!
cant help it right!!!

anyway, budin was named after a strip club: FRENCH MAID
asyraf, OOMPA LOOMPA (height issues!!!! shhhhhh;p)
and day-o, BEEF, BEEF.. an incident at the airport

pics from the naming ceremony

romanian alin, i cant stop talking natasha, lengzhaimus, squash tapau girl pooja dass, blackbook editor ting, and i love magic kate

french maid, marshal, footie jenny (damn she can play soccer), too cool for khairul

the celebrity pose
featuring mike 'perminator' - hiro makamura(heroes)

trying to be a noob drunkard~1

trying to be a noob drunkard~2

from russia with no love natasha, and byron "shaggy"


the huggies

the 'SHOCKER' pose!!!!

biggest bid... $400 for THE REAL GOSSIP GIRL (parvan singh)

alin, POON star

the self proclaimed BROWNIE bunch

name me, name me!!!

angry jokes howes, scott seadon

the pride of malaysia!! lol

Sunday, January 11, 2009

the surge to the top!!



marvelous performance by park ji sung (again!!)(the pride of asia!!)
silky berbatov, tireless evra, less complaining ronaldo
and giggsy showing the youg lads age does not matter in the world of excellance!!


Thursday, January 1, 2009


what do you do when you woke up to an above minus day (albeit -1 only)

~really 1 degree weii

another phone call away...
bram in, buzz in, jatun in, adrian in, olga in
olympic park open
and let's SNOWBOARDING!!!!!!

~so noob have to get the into the discovery classes 1st
any more classes and i'm gonna blow it man!!!! lol

shoes, check!
board, check!
helmet, (need meh? ok lo i wear lo) check!

ok now i'm ready to ride!!! vroom vroom (different version from pei's vroom vroom!!)

sien.. have to wait to for the class 1st.. starts at 145pm!!! grrrrr

red school class for beginner.. so many meh???

but the instructor (tyler) quite leng zhai wei... but of coz not as lengzhai as me guar!!!

~noob happy face on the lift without knowing the consequences of our actios lol
owh i even dropped the gloves coz gatal gatal mau tangkap gambar!!!

after and hour and a half later.. ichy-back-side wanna go to the top
pro ed ma!!! so lets hop on the lift shall we....
little that we know it's sooo freaking hard to get off the lift
all my efforts ended in the gutter.. well snow to be more precise

and that's not the worse part..
it's way higher and steeper than we expected.. coz can really see the top from below..
mana tau cant even see the bottom once we're up there!!!!

~still noob but petreified face.. olga and adrian stayed down to make out or something ... wise move... lol

~cant even see the bottom wei... this is where the snow assing starts


no pics after beyond this point coz hands to shaky lol
the ride down was.... spent halfway down on my butt
bugger!!! no wonder only a few peeps take this slope!!
bram and jatun quits
bum to traumatized they say.. lol
me and buzz? lets ride out the pain!
so off we went for few more trips up the slope
got better on the third try.. perfect run on the 4th and beyond
yay!!! feel damn pro ed liow..

too bad we only can play till 6... it's way too dark to challange ur vision..
plus the fact that i rabun malam!!!

neway, the day wont be complete with cam whoring in action rite
run up the slope coz lift too slow
down 3 more times for whoring

~gaya-ness of stopping


again again again!!!!!!

next up!!! lake loise/banff ski-ing

note to self: getting out of the lift is wayyy harder than the actual snowboarding
who ever invented that thing must be mad... should be 'magic carpet' all the way man!!!!