Sunday, November 1, 2009

#114 - a GREAT saturday

one perfect day
i loved it when that happen

started off with a roti canai by abang zack
with with beef curry
while watching united
painfully dismantle blackburn
2-0 with a GREAT goal from berba
cause of concerns, how united seems to lost the creative edge over teams
but a GREAT win indeed

walked to main campus in shorts
thank god for chinook
played squash with aqsa, bella and janet
2 full hours.. yeah

got back took a GREAT reviving nap
1 hour REM bliss

then being mus-so-keen
decided to pay a visit to RGH
unit 62 -Obstetrics

suit up, off to an hour bus ride
had a GREAT conversation with the driver
from scotland
awesome guy with awesome stories
yeah, he had on of those not -s0-many-people-day
all out trick-or-treating and partying the night off

went i reached RGH, was greated by a GREAT doctor in DR.A
with great staffs
i felt like i was in a team or something
1 specialist, 1 resident, 1 clinical clerk, 1 noob
tag the resident who was sooo nice
and greeted by all leng lui nurses.. life never been this GREAT

it's a pretty slow day that saturday
driven by the fact that mothers would hold one day back to take their children out for halloween
or teens, preferring to poison their fetus with booze

but then, one hour in (9pm) things got a bit interesting
triage after triage
cervical dilatations after spottings
i've seen everything from obs point of view

then in came a complicated consult
a new expecting mother
twins - (now only i know that twins are a completely different ball game in term of delivery and all)
the mother also have a horse shoe kidney
how rare is that.. i'm like the magnet to
she was very much in pain, asking for epidural
but not before 1 resident, 1 nurde and one specialist perform vaginal examinations
just to be sure that she is not in labour
for what i can tell, it's very very very hard to measure the cervix
both, from the patient's perspective and the attending
too bad i can't witness the delivery process
cervix still closed
i feel every her every contraction man.. the pain!!!! i cringe every single time man..
she even swore at her mum.. lol funny leh...
one word of advice: dun mess with pregnant moms, especially when they are in labour!!!!

btw if u wan to have a painless delivery, one thing u can do is have a pyelonephritis
the baby will just slide out
preterm and risk of fetal infection but yeah.. win some lose some
i got this from a patient who really wanted to have a full term baby
all the best to her
from then onwards, it's all about checking new mothers and their baby
soooooo niceeeeeeeeeeee
GREAT emotion from just watching them.. very warm..

as the clock strike 12am
was called in to 'assist' in a c-sec
assist = hold some stuffs, shift the patient and stay out of the way!!!
felt like a total noob, but it's ok
the c-sec was soooo fast (12mins)
and we had a very fiesty baby girl
sooooo nice the whole process
maybe not as dramatic as a vaginal delivery but still....

then the punch line
the Dr. A asked the parent:
"so, do you wan a halloween baby or a memorial day baby?"
it was 12am and it happens to be day light saving day..
1st nov 12am, clocks turn back to 31st oct 11am
kinda interesting how they joked about it..

a new life brought to this world
with love aloft

after 4 hours + 1 extra hours to make it really 12am
decided to call the day off
a few chitty-chatters with the doctors and staffs
i'm off unit 62
4 hours of GREAT learning FUN FUN FUN

and another GREAT thing happenned after that
there was not supposed to be any buses at that time
but somebody decided to pour gasoline on the bus, so the driver have to change bus
end result - i dun have to take a cab home!!!
with another GREAT scottish driver.. hahaha

the cap everything off
a GREAT night sleep (almost forgot how it felt;p)