Saturday, September 26, 2009


one fine tuesday morning
i got an urgent message
"can you please help put/design henna for my wedding today?"
"130pm ok?"


last tuesday
22nd september 2009
i was appointed as the 'mak andam' for a wedding
a malaysian wedding in calgary!!!

the couple requested to be anonymous for now and i shall respect that

a pretty simple yet elaborate event

but the best part is i was given 3 hours notice to do so
to design, to put it on
sweat blood~

it's a good thing i dun have any classes after 1230pm
that'll give me an hour time to make something happen

didnt design any, reached late
so what can we do? FREE STYLE!!!! yeahhhh

with a tube in my hand, gung ho!!

errr.. dunno where this came from;p

done! fuhhhh!!!

bless the couple..

and that's it.. my involvement in the wedding;p

back to my normal role, i'm the chicken fry-er and after that to my natural habitat: the babysitter!!! gosh where do those kids got their energy from!!!

all in all a pretty fun day indeed
but the key point of this post is:

~because of them, i was bombarded with the "when's ur turn" question from most of the peeps there!! lol

Friday, September 25, 2009


didn't realize this would be the 100th post
lollifying achievement for an A.D.D-er like me!

on the sad note,
this wont be a happy post

down with somekind of a viral infection
was restricted from going to the hospital (kena scolded somemore)
felt being left out
academically & socially

all this after almost a year long spell of sickness free period
another milestone for someone who have a weak immune system
but once it hit it's stride
boom booom pow!!!

first up.. bruised arm without no reason, no aetiology
then came the sprain thumb.. takes forever to heal
(volleyball season start next week!!! heal heal heal!!!!!)
then while playing soccer, asthma like symptoms
cough cough cough
then came the fever
runny nose, coryza
then back pain on the right flank
sigh sigh sigh

now, bed-ridden
hoping it's nothing serious
stay away H1N1

on the bright side,
can spent my days pranking peeps in the wee hours
catch up with studies
and play the sick role
the lazy bum with food served on time

p/s: it turns out to be a happy post in the end

Monday, September 21, 2009

"success lasts until someone screwed it up
failures are forever"

~greg. house.

got that from the new season of HOUSE. quite entertaining i might say.
patch adam with a bit more spice and cursings.

mellow yet dramatic

crossing my fingers for this one.. seems a bit to 'soap opera-ish'

HEROES just came back too
same ol' same ol'
i want to be the "spongeman"!!!

with all those new series up and about this week
there's only one conclusion we can safely gather



a sad day for 'the kid in me'


the creator of crayon shin chan left us from a hiking mishap

thanks for all the laughters

manchester derby

with all the trash talking
and hype throughout the week
the derby game reinstated the beauty of soccer

joy, jubilation

lotsa HEART

and a CLEAN game

loved how united players 'accept' tevez
not so much the fans, come one, he pour his heart into every motion, every goal, sweat, when he's still with red devils
and his determination... gosh how i wish i can study like how he play soccer;p

the evergreen giggsy
the will power of roon-ey
berba showing his true form
and owen, yes owen!!!!


and this is why i love soccer
this is why i bleed united

p/s: almost missed my eid prayers because of the late drama.. lol

Monday, September 14, 2009

urmmm... no comments..

got this from jeremy..
can't belive my eyes..

it's a freaking children show for goodness sake!!!



motivation at all-time low for a couple of weeks
for no reason whatsoever
"mid-life" crisis?

been rendering myself to total exhaustion for the past few weeks
all for the sake of proving to my housemates,
fasting is not an excuse to laze around and sleep

pick up soccer every tuesday + 3 random pick up games
one interspecies cup soccer match: kakapo vs blobfish
which we ceremoniously won
(welcoming soccer game against the new first years)
cycling to-and-fro, route hospital at least 3 times/week
one squash game with new tapau girl janet

end result: a lean body mass index (i think;p) and a zombified lengzhai

apart from that, been cooking loads of stuffs lately, for break fast
you guys wont believe it if i told u what we cooked
even organized two iftars (buka puasa), for roughly 30 peeps
trying out new recipes sure are fun
even manage to learnhow to make a simple dessert.. yay!!!

what else?
owh yeah, of late, it's been a scheduling nightmare!!
neurology, geriatric 440, core, PE
gosh can't believe i've survived 3 weeks of insanity
still surviving tho..
coz the weekends were just great
UNITED manage to outgunned the gunners and trim the spurs of totenham
rule over the north london clubs.. yay!!
nad i just got my baju raya courtesy of kak ridza

so all is well
for now...

motivation... come to ME!!!!

p/s: reading back, i think this post sucks big time!!!!