Friday, July 25, 2008


randomised post:
i had loads of nightmares
but only one freak the hell outta me
still having it from time to time
at least 5 times annually
the same freakin' dream
even yesterday
it goes like this:
can't move
like a 'vegetable'
can see
can feel
then suddenly huge blocks and blocks of boxes came into view
slowly but surely
they're forced down my throat
one by one
can feel my mouth and throat stretched
always got fever after that
even got 'aftertaste' once i woke up
dream-reader anyone??
so if u see me sleeping and sweating like mad..
do wake me up..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

post orientation~S.H.I.T

yeah kinda late by 2 and a half year but this one is a special rendition of what happened to the S.H.I.T (SuperHeroes In Training) gang- orietation group 3.. on how we grad from being superheroes in training to a fully plegde superheroes

the superheroes that we are today
a.k.a shit grads
superpower: flaring (can shoot fire from his nose one)
superhero name: the flare
weakness: if u tarik his rambut!

hui lin
superpower: slows people down
superheroin name: huiturtlin aka gwendo-lin
weakness: if u make her emo or cry!!

superpower: chant people to sleep
superhero name: the sandman aka siawzzzzz
weakness: THE SUN!!!

kher dee
superpower: like gambit in xmen she can throw exploding mahjong tiles
superheroin name: money-jie
weakness: emo paul lols

superpower: can charm people to do anything like togepi n psyduck in pokemon
superhero name: lengzhaimus
weakness: frogs
superpower: like cyclops in xmen she can shoot exopthalmic beam from her eyes
superheroin name: the eye
weakness: siaw.. once siaw put her to sleep no beam ed lols
superpower: bearhug rawr!!!!!
superhero name: big sal
weakness: low door frame

superpower: like morph in xmen, she can make up herself into someone else lols
superheroin name: errrr debbie???
weakness: errrr... make up remover lols

superpower: can cook up a feast
superheroin name: spatula-women
weakness: errr... when there's no gas??

zher ling
superpower: can wield his sword like a pro;p
superhero name: kenshin
weakness: errrr.. variety nite lols

superpower: like beast in xmen, he's the think tank
superhero name: chess master aka hamsap lou
weakness: errrr.. hamsap-ness

hazwan's fren (kinda forgot her name~always with hazwan)
superpower: animal tamer - can tame hazwan ~ hazwan as cute as a teddy bear what lol
superheroin name: hazwan's fren lols
weakness: imu ~that's why she left for monash lols

and there u have it.. the real superheroes
just dun tell anyone..
secret identities ma

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

big foot sighted!!!

it's no longer a myth

big foot is the real deal


the bigfooty-seong is coming to get you!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

last act_imu

finally my imu day's are over (tho it's been over for the past few months)
and how did i end it?
with bitter dissappointment

represented imu for 2 events
futsal - saturday
athletics (4x100m) - sunday
futsal: knocked out in the 1st round
(but imu got 3rd overall)
altho i tried my best
but my best is just not good enough

but the experience sure is fun
and new friends
few realizations:
(warning~ss moment)

1. i'm still quite fast (lol) albeit the protruding belly
2. i cannot run curves~balancing problem
3. i'm a damn good goalkeeper but will let in stooopid goals
4. better off as outfield player
5. i'm good at making new acquiantance but lousy at maintaining them
6. people actually laugh at my jokes lol
7. I M LENGZHAI hahahaha

futsal team minus anthony

the running dudes

team pep talk
passing the baton

team imu

runnimg dudettes

Friday, July 18, 2008

living in a sick world

i observed a suicide case yesterday
right in front of my eyes
it was really gory
in public some more
and people just walk past without even noticing
while the suicid-ee commit suicide
hanged by a thin film of rope
sway from side to side as the wind blew
lifeless and pretty much dead
must be due to oil price hike
economic stress
rest in peace mr john doe..
may u find solace in the afterlife..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i need sleep!!!

another random post..

Q~how do you make your patients all right
A~amputate his 'left' arm and leg

Q~what gender is a computer mouse?
A~female, coz it comes with/uses a 'pad'

Q~how do you know when someone's bored?
A~when he starts making up lame riddles


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

taste buds!!!

was at a fren's fren place for dinner last night.. by the poolside..
we had pizzas, chips, nuts and a lot of drinks..
i had kickapoo.. 7up, sprite, coke and few sparkling juices
while the rest had pretty much the same thing
few bottles of liquor (i still dun understand why peeps like to get drunk.. )
so, was having fun talking by the poolside,
playing cards until a sparkling juice came into play..

mr. drunk: can i have the purple looking sparkling juice please? (there's blue, green and purple)

sure sure... nah

mr. drunk:
thanks.. this looks funky.. wonder how it'll taste like....


so... how was it?

mr. drunk:
well, it's good.. it's good... it tasted like.. urmmm... like... urm... violet

what? how do you describe a color? are u sure u r not drunk??

mr. drunk:
it just taste like that.. violet.. can't really tell....

ok ok give it here... (~sip~) errr... it tasted like .... like... violet! wtf! i think i know this taste.. just cant put a finger to it... damn...

mr. drunk:
well, at least it taste better than black!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

mr. MUScle

i dedicate this post to those who went to all sort of trouble to overcome a common enemy

an enemy so FULL of itself

an enemy who HIDES in the shadow of our subconscious mind

and reveals itself in the CENTRE of PUBLIC DOMAINs

THRILL us when we are on the move
PROTRUDING itself when we are defeated

and enemy worth thousand war!

the middle earth

mr tummy!!!

now, u dun have to go gym to trim down

no need to over exert

no sweat

do it the MUS way...

and you can have lovely abs like me

Wednesday, July 2, 2008



(with leo' dicaprio palyin dual role)

one of my all-time-favourite movie
cool fighting scene
cool costumes
reigniting my boyhood dream of becoming one of the MUSketeers
a very good show indeed

with that, i present you:
a heroic feat by a man of steel
to re-enact the bravery of the MUSketeers

venue: library
saboteur: denise n angelene
costume: mus' birthday present


~on a calm sunny day

~a handsome prince was masked coz' he's too leng zhai

~ah pei, jem n co was havin' a blast back there lolz
~dehumanized and lengzhainess concealed, the saboteur laughed with malice in their minds

~ perpetrator no.1: "muahahaha read the patho book and say denise's cute for eternity!!!", while locking it in the poor lengzhai's face.....

~ perpetrator no.2: "muahaha, dun try to escape, if u did we have another 3 packets of facial torture for u muahahahaha... make a peace sign for the camera.. come on.. be a sport!!"

humiliated and tortured, MUSketeer lengzhai gives in n entertain their worried-for-eos-souls.. the end..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

dave pelzer

courtesy of denise tan su yin...
i was introduced to a "MY STORY" by DAVE PELZER
3 books in one,

the boy called it
the lost boy
a man named dave

about an abused child, his sufferings
under an abusive mother (the mother)
a father who refused to acknowledge the abuse
siblings who just don't care
a closed society
thinking that a family 'secret' should remains as one

but with the help of teachers and the social workers
as well as a juvenile officer
and a list of foster parents

dave prevails in his quest to survive
and to be a better person

it was quite a disturbing book to begin with
on how the mother treat her child
reduced to eat poo
and out of the trash cans
enslaved to the household
torture physically and mentally
up to a point she put him in a 'gas chamber'
force him to drink detergent
and stabbed him in the stomach

upon his rescue,
he then has to face the stigma imposed on foster child
difficulties in foster care

then, the reality of life
jobs, marriage, having a family

all this add up to him becoming
the 10 most outstanding youth of the world of the year

really a good read to those who want something different
mind you
it's emotionally draining