Tuesday, March 31, 2009


was nag by a birthday girl on how i'm slacking in studies, blogging and maintaining my weight!!
can do much bout the other two so here's a very 'willing' post

question 1: what do u do when u saw these creature at a very ok price while buying groceries?

answer: you bring them home!!!
*mine's the bigger mobster-looking lobster - 2.8 lbs!!

question 2: what do u do when u manage to bring those two creatures home?

answer: you play with them!!! lol
the goals here is to tricked them 1st (but the apron didnt help the cause tho!!)

question 3: what then after u managed to trick them? how do you cook them?


make sure the water+salt+lemon is at boiling point - test it with the blur-ur-glasses-test

and there goes the creature back to it's natural environment!!

question 4: how do u know that it's cooked, not undercook or overcooked?

answer: elementary watson.. elementary..
clue 1: it turns red
clue 2: if it's more than 2 pounds = 12 minutes

question 5: how do u serve it?

answer: to ur liking!!
i serve it with wedges,
olive-oil-bathed salads (carrot, cauliflower, strawberry, brocolli and parsley),
4 dippings: mayo-paprika, mayo ketchup, garlic butter, dijon creole

question 6: what then?

answer: let the feast begins!!!! lol
p/s: best part of the lobster? the brain.. (maybe coz i'm 'otal udang') and the tail!!
but the best part is eating a meal made by urs truly coz
it's a 'leng-zhai' dish!!!