Monday, August 25, 2008

i'm home!!!!!!

i'm definately in my element here in calgary!!!

a cereal for fellow canadian! MUS-lix
(supposed to be muslicks coz i'm lick-able-ly tasty!!)

canadian insect repellent! i'm too good looking that insect have to run away in embarrassment!!

fellow family member... MUS-ang (in downtown)

MUS-ter point (in uni's main campus somemore!!)
this is the place where you have to honour MUS by doing a MUS-pose at least

and of course.. the sole reason why they use MOOSE as a moascot
simply irresistable:p

Sunday, August 24, 2008


summer in calgary is filled with free foods!!!
last weekend went for a pot luck picnic
with a pleasant family... abang sham's
and few seniors from malaysia

we kinda set a trademark for ourselves
since we can't really cook
nor can we provide edible potluck desserts
we have been given a new codename!!
si pembawa air!!!
(the water dispenser a.k.a the water boyzzz!!)

that's all we can do, spare us
no matter how cheap we may sound
but it's enjoyable to be around peeps who just take you in
into their family
into their life

i just love this word!

bbq in da rain~ how romantic is that(not)
went for a mini hike after that.. the view was just.......
will upload in facebook
the remaining spice-boyz

Sunday, August 3, 2008

scary shit!! just like in a horrorr show

imagine this..

u r sitting in a bus
while listening to ur favorite tunes
slowly drifting into la-la-land

then u feel a shocking pain
over and over again
as a knife plunges in and out of ur body
all over ur body
neck, torso, arms, legs
and again and again and again
before u know it
ur head is no longer attached to ur body

scary shit eh... that's what happened tim mclean
in winnipeg
in a greyhound bus

more on the story:

just as i set my foot on canadian soil
am i a jinx to this place
or is this an introduction to life in canada
brutal and unforgiving

i'm scared!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

i saw a drooling wild "moose" on campus!!!

yeah wtf..
i was on my way to the bus stop
then tis moose just 'galloped' rightt in front of me!
with thick white drool coming out of it's mouth
then it rammed into one of the building..
in came a wildlife ranger to sort things out
over the radio, most rangers have to shoot down these wild moose once they become a threat to the community..
luckily i'm a leng zhai urbanized moose


new place
new country
new weather
new school
new community circle
same ol' mus