Friday, September 26, 2008

simplicity - the name of the game - malysians way!

calgary is not a bad place to live in
the traffic was good
road-manner was excellent
the people here are extremely nice

but there are still things they (canadian) can learn from us malaysian
for example...
try putting more spices into their food
they should learnt to appreciate what little sun they have left
they should have learnt that malaysia is not just the country between singapore and thailand!
(singapore i understand, but thailand??? tiger show?? lol)

but the most important thing
they should learnt how to be SIMPLE
just like malaysian

instead of putting:
"open everyday from 8am to 11pm"

they did this! LOL

p/s: i got tummy ed liow! lol

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

la senza!!!!!

one fine day
in a shopping mall
stood two alpha males
pondering on their next adventure
as boredom creeps in

in a foreign place
far away from home
they decided to travel the un'man'ned path
a place guarded by vanity

"into la senza we shall go"
in a very poised manner

macho dude #1: hey i really like the body lotion in la senza
macho dude #2: hey me too, there's sale somemore.. buy six for 30 bucks!
macho dude #1: i'll jump if u jump!
macho dude #2: u go first!!!

in they went to the world of the unknown
full of cups
full of strings
and a load full of angels (lol)

macho dude #1: let's go out. i'm not comfortable!
macho dude #2: what! we r in ed liow.. buy only la.. check out that one over there.. can use to cook char kuey teow ler the 'kuali'
macho dude #1: hahaha.. not just that can add extra prawn somemore hahaha... let's just get the thing and go
macho dude #2: ok i'll take these u take those, ok
macho dude #1: faster liow... more people coming in.. i paiseh ed
macho dude #2: buat tak tau saja, they wont care one.. i go pay u take.. bye
(and of he went out leaving the other dude amongst gigglings and wierd stares)

moral of the story:
1. trying new wierd things certainly is nerve-wreckingly fun
2. the feeling of being a gay is no fun.. i dunno how gay people live hahaha
3. would never ed CUPcakes ever again (lol)
4. la senza body lotion rocks!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

spawn.. my passion

it 'IS' one of my passion in life
collecting spawn action figures
for years i have been an avid collector

and now
here in calgary
my spawn alter ego re-spawn-ed
coz it's dirt cheap here!!!!!!

low yatt... u can kiss one of ur customer goodbye

~welcome to the family!!!

series 34 - spawn classics ~spawn wing of redemption-2

series 33- age pharoah ~ spawn the immortal

series 34 - spawn classics ~ pirate spawn

and a new inclusion to the collection
dragons series by todd mcfarlene ~ fire clan dragon 5

gonna buy more before the end of this week!!!
i love calgary

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

things u need when it's soo cold in the morning !!

went to Banff national park few weeks ago
then i came across this sign

makes me wonder how am i going to survive here
with my virginity intact


care to join me?